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Buy Anastrozole Tablets IP Online

Anastrozole Tablets IP

Buy Anastrozole Tablets IP Online

Product Details:

Dose<100 mg
Packaging Typestrip
CompositionAnastrozole Tablets IP
Pack Size2×14 tablets
Manufactured byCytomed

Anastrozole Tablets IP is a generic tablet used for the treatment of breast cancer. It is used with other treatments including surgery and radiation to treat cancer in women who have attained menopause. In breast cancer, the count of estrogen hormones starts growing rapidly, whereas Anastrozole helps to lower the amount of estrogen in the body.   Now, you can Buy Anastrozole Tablets IP Online from Contact us to order.

Anastrozole Tablets IP is a prescripted generic drug with the brand name Arimidex. You can buy it with an authentic Anastrozole Tablets IP supplier. In order to see a positive outcome, the patients are required to follow the dosage properly and on-time. To buy Anastrozole Tablets IP online, visit MedicinesCenter. We are one of the most trusted and safest Anastrozole Tablets IP suppliers.

How to Take Anastrozole Tablets IP?  

Breast Cancer patients are advised to take medicine in the dose and duration prescripted by the doctors. During the treatment, patients’ kidney, liver, and blood counts will be monitored. That’s why it is necessary to follow the prescription for better results. 

Here are some important things that a patient should remember while taking Anastrozole Tablets IP:

  1. It is an oral drug that is to be taken once in a day with or without food as guided by the doctor. 
  2. Anastrozole Tablets can reduce the mineral density in the bone. They are advised to take regular check-ups and supplements if needed. 
  3. Tablets can cause weakness and sleepiness, avoid driving a car or any work which requires concentration. 
  4. Anastrozole Tablets IP is not for premenopausal women. Also, Anastrozole absorbs on the skin and lungs, so if your planning for the pregnancy or you are pregnant, then consult your doctor.  Meanwhile, check out other important things about this drug here,

Side Effects – 

While taking medicine, a patient can experience some minor or major side effects. These side effects do not need medical attention, but if it still bothers, you can consult with your doctor. 

Some of the common side effects that can cause by Anastrozole Tablets IP are: 

  • Headache
  • Hot flashes
  • Musculoskeletal (bone, muscle or joint) pain
  • Nausea
  • Osteoporosis (severe)
  • Trouble Sleeping
  • Skin rash
  • Weakness and Dizziness
  • High blood pressure

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