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Buy BGR 34 Tablets Online

BGR 34 Tablets


Product Details:

NameBgr-34 Tablet
SaltCarbohydrate Metabolisher
Manufactured ByAimil Pharmaceuticals India Ltd
Packaging100 tablet
UseDiabetes Medicine

Buy BGR 34 Tablets Online from

BGR stands for Blood Glucose Regulator and 34 means this tablet consists of 34 Ingredients. BGR-34 is an Ayurvedic medicine, which is used for diabetes. In Bgr-34 there is a presence of 34phytoconstituents which is extracted from 6 medicinal plants.

You can buy BGR 34 tablets online at the best price. Some main components are present in BGR_34 tablet that areGiloy, Methika, Gudmar, vijaysar, Gurmarin, Berberine, Rubiadin, etc. This tablet is used for the balance of blood sugar levels in diabetes. There are many uses & benefits of this tablet. BGR-34 tablet is an Antioxidant, Antidiabetic, Adaptogenic,etc. This tablet treats diabetes. It helps to control excessive thirst & urination. This medicine helps in turn the cells absorb glucose which is more effective by improving insulin action. You can buy BGR 34 tablets online from

Side effects of BGR-34 tablet

It is an Ayurvedic medicine so it does not have any serious side effects. There can be some common side effects.

  • Nausea
  • Gastric problems
  • Can cause allergic reactions
  • It can cause B12 deficiency

How does BGR-34 treat diabetes?

  • It Converts proinsulin to insulin in this way expanding the measure of dynamic useful insulin units.
  • It is a Potential DDP-4 inhibitor having a cardio-protective job.
  • Its enemy of oxidant activities shields the body from extremist species that are created accordingly to high glucose.
  • This is the most examined and clinically endorsed drug among all the accessible natural specialists against diabetes
  • It Regulates glucose homeostasis by diminishing blood glucose union and better usage of additional glucose.
  • It Reducesthe level of glycosylated Hb encouraging to give superior control.

Tips to remember while taking BGR-34 tablet

  • Before taking the BGR-34 tablet, you should check your blood sugar level.
  • Without a doctor’s prescription don’t stop the regular medication.
  • BGR-34 can be taken with Allopathic medicines
  • After taken the BGR-34 tablet, the result will show effects after 30-40 days with your proper BGR Diet chart. This tablet should be taken twice a day before 30 minutes of your meal. Your BGR 34 Tablets Supplier

The BGR 34 is an Ayurvedic medicine and does not have any serious side effects. We are a leading organization to offer our services in the Medicine field. You can buy BGR 34 online from our website. Visit: Your BGR 34 Tablets supplier.

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