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Buy Trajenta Tablets Online

Trajenta Tablets


Product Details:

Manufactured ByBoehringer
Packaging30 tablets
UseDiabetes medicine

Buy Trajenta Tablets Online at the best price & View its Use and Side-effects

Trajenta Tablet is used alone or in combination with other medicines to treat Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus. It’s advised to take Trajenta Tablet with regular exercise and a healthy diet to control sugar levels in the blood. It works by increasing insulin release from the pancreas and reducing the hormones responsible for the rise in blood sugar levels. The active ingredient linagliptin helps to decrease the pre and post-meal sugar levels.

Trajenta Tablet also helps to reduce and prevent severe adverse effects of diabetes like blindness and kidney damage. Generally, the tablets prescribed by the doctor when exercising and diet alone or other medications unable to control blood sugar levels efficiently. It can be taken with or without food or as instated by the doctor.

The dose and treatment duration depends on your age, medical condition, sugar levels, and your response to the treatments. Carefully follow your doctor’s instructions. Trajenta Tablet may sometime start effecting, so do not stop your medication without consulting with your doctor. A healthy diet and regular exercise along with medication are very important for successful results. Diabetes is an incurable disease, but it can be controlled through a healthy lifestyle.

To avoid skipping your doses, it’s a good idea to take your medicine at a fixed time every day. It’s advised to refill your medicine in advance. You can buy Trajenta Tablets online at a discounted price on Medicinescenter.

Side-Effects of Trajenta Tablets

The most common side effect of Trajenta Tablet is hypoglycemia. The major signs of hypoglycemia include lightheadedness, fainting, dry mouth, sweating, and dizziness. To deal with the symptoms, you can carry glucose candy or sugar. Some people may also experience nasopharyngitis. Inform your doctor if any of these symptoms worry you or do not go away.

Some common side effects include:

Side effectFrequencySeverity
DizzinessLess commonModerate
Visual changes or disturbancesRareSevere
HeadacheLess commonMild
Rashes and ItchingLess commonModerate
Joint painLess commonModerate
Abdominal discomfortCommonMild
Muscle painCommonModerate

Things you should know before taking Trajenta Tablets

  • Inform your doctor or take medical assistance immediately if your experience overdoses symptoms such as dizziness, blurred vision, hypoglycemia (very severe symptoms), etc.
  • Patients with Joint and Muscle Pain: Such individuals must take extra precautions as Trajenta Tablet can worsen the conditions. Based on the medical condition, the doctor may recommend some alternative or appropriate dose adjustments.
  • Inform your doctor first before starting the treatment, if you have or had kidney disease, pancreas problems, or heart disease.
  • Tell your doctor about all medicines you’re taking to avoid unnecessary complications.
  • Breastfeeding or pregnant women should consult with their doctor first before taking Trajenta Tablets.
  • To prevent the risk of developing low sugar levels in your blood, it’s advised to limit your alcohol intake during treatment durations.
  • Monitoring your kidney function and blood glucose levels are necessary to checks that tablets are working properly.
  • To avoid any unnecessary complications always buy Trajenta Tablets online from an authentic supplier

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